Advocacy Meeting to Psychological and Social Response to the Yemenis Affected by Conflicts

Family Counseling  and Development and Foundation

Family Counseling  and Development and Foundation held an advocacy meeting on Monday, 24 July 2017, at the Shahran Hotel. The meeting of advocacy of the issues of psychological and social response to the war-affected in Yemen, that millions of Yemenis are in urgent need of psychological health care for emergency relief.

The meeting in Sana'a, in the presence of more than 25 local and international organizations, stressed the need to coordinate the efforts of governmental, national and international institutions working in the field of psychological and social support and specialized mental health care.

The meeting also stressed the importance of addressing stress and mental disorders of acute cases, and work to raise awareness of mental health issues and the provision of emergency medicines in this regard.

The meeting reviewed the situation of those affected by the psychological war, which is estimated at about 5, 455 thousand and 348 affected people in urgent need of specialized mental health care and urgent, according to a study prepared by the Foundation for Family Development and Guidance.

The study showed that the prevalence of mental disorders in Yemen amounted to 19.5 percent and the prevalence rate 195 per thousand cases .. It is confirmed that this ratio and rates above the natural fold and warn of a disaster.

The meeting called for the necessity of cooperation of official bodies, national civil society organizations and all individuals, businessmen and international and international organizations working in the field of protection to provide assistance to those affected by trauma, stress and mental disorders.