Familly Counseling & Development Foundtion

About Us

The Family Development and Guidance Foundation is a Yemeni non-governmental organization founded in 2011. It provides psychological and social counseling services to individuals and families with psychological and social problems, including issues related to sexual violence. The Foundation has accumulated extensive experience over the past 3 years, and has contributed more than 5,000 people, including women, men, youth and children, and from all governorates of the Republic of Yemen. As of June 2014, the Foundation has initiated the "Prevention and Treatment of Gender-Based Violence Project", funded by the Government of the Netherlands. The project aims to reduce the negative effects of gender-based violence by providing quality, psychologically and socially integrated preventive services to 20,000 women and children by 2016. Within 18 months, the Foundation provided counseling and psychotherapy to some 30,000 people, mostly women and children under the age of eight 10, most of whom suffered gender-based violence. The Foundation's services also included similar cases among refugees and residents in Yemen.

Vision and Mission

Your happiness and the stability of your family is one of our top priorities. Philosophy Partnership in working with government institutions, organizations, the private sector and civil society institutions. Vision The Foundation for Family Development and Guidance seeks to be a specialized professional scientific institution with a distinguished position at the level of Yemen and the Arab world in providing diverse psychological and social services of high quality and quality to assist individuals organizations and agencies. the message The Foundation devotes all its human and material resources to providing high quality, psychological and social services to assist individuals, organizations and bodies.

Foundation goals

- Promoting individual and collective awareness of mental and social health.
- Providing excellent services in the field of treatment and psychological counseling and social.
- Provide specialized programs related to mental health.
- Contribute to the provision of support and prevention and psychological and social treatment after crises and disasters.
- Networking and expanding partnerships with relevant local, regional and international institutions.


Human principles in the preservation of the human right to life in dignity and satisfaction.
Belief in the duty to achieve what is possible for the development of family members psychologically and socially.

Our team

Dr. Bilqis Mohammed Jabari

Founder & President

Dr. Saifaddeen Almeeri

Head of Quality Unit