Psychological Awareness Raising Sessions for Family Counseling and Development Foundation for some Displaced People in Taiz During August 2017

Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi, Coordinator of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation, Taiz Branch, carried out psychological awareness raising session for a number of displaced persons from the Sala Directorate, which is a contact area between the parties that are contested by the war. The activities were held on August 20 2017. Dr. Adnan introduced the psychological trauma faced by individuals as a result of the circumstances of war and loss people and property. Psychological and physical reactions to psychological trauma and factors that increase the negative effects were mentioned.

The session meant to show the role of the individual in the face of these traumatic conditions and the methods and strategies of positive psychological behavioral and cognitive in the face of psychological trauma and negative effects. Dr. Adnan also explained to the participants the importance of moving away from negative strategies in the face of psychological trauma such as continuous thinking in previous events and not to exceed That painful period.

Another session was held on August 10, which included psychosocial support sessions for children with cancer at the Psychological Support Center, Al-Amal Cancer Hospital in Taiz, where the aim of the session was to provide psychosocial support to children and help them to adapt positively to the disease and to vent the negative depressions related to cancer.

What should be noted that in the sessions of psychological support for children was focused on the aspect of revitalization and skill through the review of some psychological games aimed at the purpose of the psychological translation of the theoretical aspect commensurate with the nature of the target age and the type of disease. A cancer specialist was hired to explain the possibility of treating cancer and its multiple ways and the role of moral and psychological aspects of hope, optimism and patience in achieving cancer recovery.

 At the end of the meeting, participants were told that if they wanted to present their psychological and family problems, the Family Counseling and Development Foundation provided them with a free hotline (136) to present their psychological problems. Calls will be answered by specialists in the foundation or through conducting direct counseling sessions at the Psychological Counseling Center in Taiz University .