Psychological Awareness Raising Sessions for Some Displaced Families in the Area of Al-Suda Al-Hoban, Taiz in September 2017

Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi, Coordinator of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation in Taiz Branch, carried out psychological awareness raising activities for a number of displaced families in Al-Sada area, Al-Houban directorate on 16 September,2017. It held in one of the halls of Al-Houban School. the Family Counseling and Development Foundation and its various services were introduced, and the nature of the psychological trauma facing individuals as a result of the circumstances of war, loss of family members, relatives, and property. The psychological and physical reactions of psychological trauma and the factors that increase the negative effects were mentioned and the meeting was keen to show the role of the individual himself/herself in the face of these traumatic conditions and positive psychological strategies behavioral and cognitive in the face of psychological trauma and its negative effects. Some models of history who were able to deal with adversity in a positive way had also been reviewed.

Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi also explained the importance of staying away from negative strategies in facing psychological trauma such as continuous thinking in the previous events and the negative intellectual permanent painful period and not taking practical steps to overcome the current situation.


What should be mentioned is that the sessions dominated the awareness of the special aspect of activations and skills, especially for the children through the review of some psychological games that aimed to translate the theoretical side in proportion to the nature of the target age.

At the end of the session, Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi answered the participants’ psychological and family problems. The Family Counseling and Development Foundation provides them with a free hotline (136) to present their psychological problems which will be immediately answered by our specialists. He also reminded them that he could receive any counseling cases, daily in psychological counseling center in the University of Taiz.

Finally, the participants were encouraged to participate in an upcoming session. The participants expressed their great pleasure the quality of service provided by the Family Counseling and Development Foundation in comparison to other institutions and organizations.

Dated October 22, 2017