Psychological Awareness and Counseling Session in Taiz City in March, 2017

  Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi, coordinator of the Foundation for Family Counseling and Development foundation in Taiz Branch, carried out psychological awareness rising activities in the childhood period for a number of students from Al-Wahda School on 26 March, 2017, and Taiba Private School on 9 March, 2017, as the students of these schools displaced during the intensification of the war and indiscriminate shelling in Taiz. The session started with an introduction of the Family Counselling and Development Foundation and its work nature. It also defined the nature of the psychological trauma facing individuals as a result of the war circumstances, loss of family members, relatives and property.

The session discussed the reactions to the psychological trauma and the factors that increase the negative effects.  It also showed the role of the individual in the face of these traumatic conditions and the methods and strategies of positive psychological behavioral and cognitive in the face of psychological trauma and negative effects. Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi reviewed Some historical models who were able to face adversity positively in order to give realistic examples. He, furthermore, explained the importance of moving away from negative strategies in the face of psychological trauma, such as continuous thinking in previous events (concern) and not to exceed that period is painfully intellectual.

At the end of the session, participants were informed about free hotline (136) service provided by the Foundation to present their psychological and family problems which will be answered by specialists in the Psychological and Family Counseling Center.