Psychological Counseling Session of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation for Displaced People in Taiz - April

Psychological awareness raising sessions of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation for displaced children in Taiz During April 2017 in the Al-Muzaffar director. Dr. Adnan Al-Qadi, coordinator of the Foundation, Taiz Branch, carried out psychological awareness activities for a number of students in the childhood phase of Al-Jazira Private School on April 9 2017, and at Tala’a Al-Badr Al-private school on April 18 2017 as it was a madrasah. All the students were expelled during the intensification of the war and indiscriminate bombardment in Taiz. The session gave an introduction pf the Foundation and its work nature. Dr. Adnan also mentioned the psychological trauma that individuals face as a result of the circumstances of war, loss of people and property.  The psychological and physical reactions to the psychological trauma and factors that increase the negative effects. The session showed the role of the individual in the face of these traumatic conditions and the methods and strategies of psychological positive behavioral and cognitive in the face of psychological trauma and negative effects. Some historic models which have been able to deal with adversity in a positively have also been reviewed,

Dr. Adnan explained to the participants the importance of moving away from negative strategies in the face of psychological trauma such as continuous thinking in previous events and not to exceed that painful period. What should be mentioned is that the sessions dominated the awareness of the revitalized and skilled side through the review of some psychological games aimed at the purpose of interpreting the theoretical side in proportion to the nature of the target age.

The session also answered questions of participants regarding their mental state specialized scientific.  At the end of the meeting, the participants were informed that in case of their desire to present their psychological and family emergency problems, the Family Counseling and Development Foundation provides them with a free hotline (136) to present their psychological problems which will be answered by specialists of the foundation.

Finally, everyone was thanked and encouraged to participate in the next meeting.