Family Counseling and Development Foundation Organized Awareness Raising Sessions and Psychotherapy for the IDPs in Aden

Awareness raising, counseling and psychotherapy sessions session was held by the Family Counseling and Development Foundation for the displaced people in the Prostheses Center in Aden.

 Forty-two participants attended the session from eight districts in Aden governorate. The session aimed to improve the patient's psychological behavior and raise awareness in ways of treating psychiatric disorders and psychological problems.

 The session reviewed some psychological diseases of schizophrenia, mental depression, mania, epilepsy, psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Shafika Noman, a female psychologist, gave Some examples of cases that were treated and cured and some other problems experienced by psychiatric patients. She also spoke about the sickness of fear which is one of the psychological diseases that a large number of children in Aden governorate have been suffering since the beginning of war.

Doctor Shafika Noman mentioned The symptoms of depression such as severe sadness, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, loss of energy, isolation and introversion, feelings of inferiority, suspicion of others, and a high degree of thought. Some suicidal thoughts have thoughts of his loss of desire for life.

Dr. Munir al-Saghir, the consultant of NLP, reviewed one of the cases that he treated with a session of formalizations. The benefit of this session cancels the experiment in a timely manner, changing it by changing the location of the session and making it hypnotic. Or left and after determining the location of knowledge at the center of the brain and I move the picture to the right and to the north and lose the image thus end the tragic experience in the mental patient. The benefit of this session is to cancel experience in a timely manner by changing the location of the session and work to hypnotize him/her. During the session, the patient is where he/she sees the experience on the right or left. After identifying the location at the center of the brain, the picture is moved to the right and to the left until the image disappeared, thus the tragic experience ends in the patient mental imagination.

Adding that the difficulties that suffered during the treatment of psychiatric patients are that some patients refuse to reveal or talk which requires the use of the methods of encouragement and persuasion in order to help them out of the psychological crisis.

 A young participant reviewed his psychological problem and said: (I was suffering from a mental illness which is depression. thanks to God and to Dr. Shafeek Numan who helped me pass this ordeal and became a good person again. Currently, I am a university student whose life is going peacefully smooth.

Dated May 31, 2017