A meeting between the Millennium Development Corporation and the Family Counseling and Development Foundation

Subject/ Meeting Minutes

Location / Millennium Development Corporation
Day / Tuesday
Date/ November 27, 2014

Time/ 10:00 AM

Meeting agendas:

  • Introduction of the Foundation’s activities "which have been completed and also the ones being carried out by the Foundation at present"
  • The psychological assistance line (nature of the situation and methods of treatment).
  • The networking mechanism with the Family Counseling and Development Foundation.

The work of a network of a number of organizations and trying to get out of the workshop document presented the study of 60 items.

The Draft:
 A / Yassin Al-Shaibani, Dr. Al-Aghbari (Constitution Committee)

Issue a statement (joining the advocacy and network for changing and amending the constitution).

  • The constitution provisions are clear, especially the Family and Children's Law, which is part of this family, and this is why the Millennium Foundation is embedded in this network.
  • Putting pressure on the National Dialogue Conference on issues of women and family these actors include (the Yemeni women's union - win - the family of academies ... etc.).
  • The importance of networking in this area and the desire and the Family Counseling and Development Foundation that the Millennium Development Corporation should be a member of this networking.

Meeting Course:

Dr. Bilqis spoke about the referral system of the foundation helpline for the family 136. The clinic is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. In case the foundation fails to intervene, children will be referred to the institution especially the presence of the club will be a contributing factor.

 Dr. Bilqis added that the foundation works with everything related to the psychological field, whether hotline or clinic and where they are considered a reference on the psychological side as well as training social specialists in schools.


Mental disorders (the most common disorders in children)