FCDF Concludes Training Courses for its Psychological and Administrative Staff

The Family Counseling and Development Foundation concluded two training sessions in Sana'a on the basics of providing psychosocial support services to survivors of gender-based violence in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The training targeted about 40 psychologists, as well as 20 administrative staff of the Foundation from Sana'a and Aden governorates.

In his speech at the closing ceremony, Abdul Qudus Harmel, the Executive Director of the Foundation, confirmed that the two training sessions were part of the foundation's preparations for the implementation of the project "providing psychosocial support services for survivors of gender-based violence", which the foundation implements from May to December 2018, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

He added that the foundation plans to provide multi-level specialized mental health services to "600" cases until December 2018.

the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling, affiliated to the foundation, provides a range of services in both Sana'a and Aden governorates, most notably: psychological and social consultations, (psychiatric services, psychiatric consultations), and among the various levels of services (psychological counseling through phone, psychotherapy, and other specialized services such as psychological rehabilitation, special health care, and daycare.

The foundation aimed to build the capacity of more than 80 specialists from the project team, as well as partners.

Harmal pointed out that the foundation has referred more than 145 cases of gender-based violence, to receive additional services in several areas including, "Education, health, economic and legal support", through the partners of the foundation. 

Regarding the specialized health services provided by the foundation, Harmal said that about 600 cases receive psychiatric services and multi-level psychological therapy, in addition to 60 cases receive specialized mental health care services, as well as 300 cases who receive psychiatric services, and 120 cases receive daycare services.

Harmel drew attention to the components of the psychological and social Support Center in both branches "Sana'a and Aden ", and the quality of specialized mental health services provided by the foundation, stressing that these services are not to be found, except at the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling.

“This center is the only place that provides specialized psychological health services for survivors of gender-based violence and those affected by psychological problems," he said. 

 On how to receive the cases, Harmal said that they are received through partners or through the branch of the foundation in Sana'a and Aden, and the cases are received through those who knew about the services provided by the foundation and they asked for it, in addition to the cases received through the psychological counseling line and social.

“Since 2014, the Foundation has provided psychiatric care to more than 115,000 people, while the number of psychiatrists in our country is only 50”. Harmal said.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the participants in the training. The psychologists and administrators toured the new main building of the foundation in Sana'a to see the various facilities of the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling.