Launching 'Reducing the Psychological Impacts of Survivors of the GBV' Project

Exclusive... Sana'a

The FCDF, specialized in providing psychological and family counseling to the needy, launched a project 'Reducing and Mitigating the Psychological Effects of Survivors of GBV in Yemen' in Sana'a, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund last Wednesday.

The project aims to provide specialized multi-level psychological services for 600 cases, as well as psychological and social counseling. It also aims to provide other services, such as hotline psychological counseling and telepsychotherapy, psychological rehabilitation, private health care, and daycare for all Yemenis (women, men, children), throughout most of the governorates of the Republic, in which psychological balance has been overthrown by violence, armed conflicts, poverty, unemployment and diseases widespread in Yemen.

During the lunching, Angeli Sen, representative of the United Nations Fund in Sana'a, visited the Foundation's headquarters in Sana'a and had a thorough look at its facilities, the nature of its work, level of services provided, and the quality of the equipment that the Foundation has undertaken to implement this important humanitarian project.

Sen expressed her great admiration for the Foundation, its institutional and organizational structure, its professional staff, and the high level of equipment that the foundation has prepared to implement this project in a short period of time.

In a statement to the Foundation's website, Sen said she felt, during her visit to the Foundation, how passionate and committed the staff were, which is a sign of their belief in what they are doing, adding that she saw during the visit that the Foundation exceeded all expectations.

The UN representative described the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling of the FCDF as "more like a masterpiece, a first-class humanitarian center".

"The Family Counseling and Development Foundation has put its best to create such a place," she said, referring to the Foundation's facilities.

UNFPA will support the foundation, she said, as it can to implement the project.

Dr. Balqis Mohammed Jubari, President of the FCDF, expressed her gratitude to Ms. Angeli Sen for her visit to the Foundation.

Jubari also praised the significant support provided by the UNFPA for the implementation of this important humanitarian health project, praising the UNFPA's qualitative efforts to reduce the suffering of Yemenis from armed conflict and violence impact.

Dr. Balqis explained that the focus of this project on addressing the effects of GBV is a part of the Foundation's priorities and its unwavering commitment to providing free treatment to all Yemenis suffering from various forms of the psychological disorders and problems in all governorates.

The Foundation's president said the project will aim to provide complete psychological care to more than 7,000 cases, as well as to mitigate the psychological effects of GBV, which has recently increased as a result of the war.

The project also aims to raise the awareness of more than 100,000 community members and decision-makers, in addition to referring 120 cases of violence survivors to other external services (education, health, legal,.. etc).