Family Counseling and Development Foundation conducted a medical camp for IDPs in Darwan, Sana'a

About 5 kilometers north of the capital, Sana'a, many displaced families from Sa'dah Governorate erected their tents and tinplate on the road between the capital and ‘Amran governorate, after being displaced by the war.

In the camp, where most of the people are children, women and elderly, more than the half of them are suffering from psychological disorders.

The two-day medical camp, carried out by the foundation in partnership with the Sustainable Development Organization, aimed at girls, as well as severe cases of psychological disorders caused by violence.

several activities were carried out, including an awareness session for a number of women who suffer from gender-based violence, also individual treatment sessions for severe psychiatric disorders, the distribution of psychiatric drugs, as well as sessions for girls in order to evaluate and diagnose their conditions. In addition, some cases were referred to other services such as the hotline, the counseling center, or to other partners who give in some related services.

Therapeutic sessions and distribution of medicines

More than 40 girls and nearly 30 cases of men and women with psychiatric disorders benefited from the sessions.

The foundation team of psychiatrics and therapists began their work as soon as they arrived at the camp. Some conducted awareness sessions for 20 women. During the sessions, they focused on preparing and reassuring them psychologically. Subsequently, individual treatment sessions for severe psychiatric disorders were carried out for more than 30 cases of women, men and the elderly. Appropriate psychiatric drugs were distributed to those cases after diagnosis by psychiatrists.

Recreational Activities:

40 girls younger than 10 years old have been targeted for recreational activities. They were divided into six groups, each of which has a supervising psychologist from the foundation's team. Initially, analytical forms were distributed to girls, with the aim of assessing and diagnosing the situation of girls.

Psychologists then distributed sketch books, pens and colors to the girls, asked them to draw whatever they wanted to paint. while the drawing activity the girls could not hide the happiness that flooded their hearts.  Toys and games were distributed to them, and competitions were organized among them, such as (jumping rope, blowing balloons) and other games.