Family Counseling and Development Foundation launched free psychiatric clinic at Zanzibar Hospital

The General Director of Zanzibar Directorate Ghassan Sheikh Faraj and director of the Health and Population Bureau Zanzibar Abdelkader Bagmel in Abyan governorate launched the psychiatric Clinic of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation at Zanzibar hospital in cooperation with the local authority and the Office of Public Health and population and funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The General Director of Zanzibar Department emphasized the importance of the Foundation’s interventions in the field of health and, in particular, psychological aspects, the psychiatric clinic provides free counseling services and psychological counselling and treatments for all kinds of problems and mental disorders.

Abdul Qader Bagmel, director of Zanzibar Health Bureau, welcomed the medical team at Zanzibar Hospital and praised their humanitarian role.

The camp coordinator, Ali Nasser Al-Hassani, said in a statement that the cases requiring continuous sessions to complete the treatment will be received by the Foundation at its headquarters in Aden, Al-Hassani thanked the local authority and the Zanzibar Health Bureau for their cooperation and facilitation of their mission to make this camp a success, noting that what they provide of health services for citizens is the duty of all organizations and thank the President of the foundation Dr. Balqees Mohammed Jabbari for her continued support for the team.

The launch was attended by Media Directors at Zanzibar Mohamed Saleh Abdul Rahman, Nabil Al Bahzi and chairman of Zanzibar Community Committee Fahmy Al Sayed.