UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Visits FCDF

Shabaneh: The Yemeni Center for Family Counseling's experience should be documented and published at the regional level to benefit from.

Dirje: The services provided by the FCDF are highly organized


The Executive Director of the FCDF, Mr. Abdul Qoddos Hermel, on Wednesday, received the delegation of the United Nations Population Fund during their visit to the Foundation's headquarters in Sana'a.

Hermel briefed the UN delegation, led by UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Dirje Wardova and the UNFPA's representative in the Middle East region, Dr. Louay Shabaneh, on the psychological treatment services provided by the Foundation at its various facilities.

The UNFPA delegation listened to a detailed explanation of the treatment services provided by the Foundation and the Yemeni Centre for Family Counseling.

Dirje Wardova, Deputy Executive Director of UNFPA, described the services provided by the FCDF as highly organized, particularly for the group therapy and children clinics.

During his inspection visit to the Foundation's headquarter on Wednesday in Sana'a, Dirje said that he saw a lot during the visit, such as the treatment services provided to patients visiting this center, which is very keen on the confidentiality and privacy of cases and their information, in addition to treatment and therapy services. "That is offered to women and men as well as to children with psychological disorders, which the world ignores," he said.

Disorders caused by anxiety, depression and violence are mainly from family, domestic violence and war, according to the statistics he has seen.

He thanked the Foundation that provides these services in these difficult times.

Dr. Louay Shabaneh, regional director of UNFPA in the Arab region, said he felt they had made the right decision when they directed support for such centers. "The strategy of action and order in this center is a great example," he said, Describing the work of the Foundation during their visit as "very wonderful", he called on officials to document and disseminate the experience of this center at the regional level, expressing his pride in selecting the team of the United Nations Population Fund in Yemen such partners to work with them, and wished that this partnership will continue at the same pace.

At the end of the visit, The Executive Director of the FCDF, Mr. Abdulqoddos Hermel, honored the visiting delegation with shields and souvenirs.