FCDF Celebrates Concluding the Psychotherapy Program for a New Group of the Group Therapy

The department and staff of the Psychological Rehabilitation Department of the Yemeni Center for Family of the FCDF celebrated the conclusion of the treatment and rehabilitation program of one of the group therapy groups.

The group has gone through 3 individual diagnostic and therapeutic sessions, and 8 group therapy sessions have acquired strategies: dealing with grief, resolving family differences, dealing with life changes, dealing with loneliness, dealing with social isolation, and dealing with the demands of social and professional roles.

At the conclusion ceremony, the participants presented their experiences between a past of grief and sorrow, which robbed them of happiness, not enjoying life to the point of not wanting to live the whole life and even more than that to attempts to get rid of their lives, and the bright present that restored hope and enjoyment of their lives.

While the attendees, who are the families of the members of the group and the management of the Foundation, expressed their pride and admiration for what God has with the participants of the grace of healing, faith, and self-confidence.