FCDF in Aden Conducts a Training Course for Its Technical and Administrative Staff

FCDF, Aden Branch, organized a training course for the administrative and technical staff of the Center this morning.

The five-day course, which will last for the period 14-18 of April, aims to train the administrative and technical team of the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling of Aden Branch to use and apply the management of the facility under the "ERP" system.

During the course, trainees will receive several lectures on how to enter and manage data on the system, from the secretariat to the accreditation of the director of the center, which is provided by Engineer Amal Amer, a specialist in data and information at the Yemeni Center for Family Counseling, Sana'a Branch.

Balqis Al-Fadhli, a psychotherapist, gave a lecture on Psychological Scales used in diagnosing the cases that come to the Center.