FCDF Qualified the Rehab of the Rehabilitation and Reform Department in the Capital Sana'a



Family Counseling and Development Foundation continues its activities to rehabilitate the rehab of the Rehabilitation and Reform department in Sana'a, as part of the agreement signed by the Foundation represented by its Executive Director Dr. AbdulQoddos Hermel with the head of the Rehabilitation and Reform Authority, General Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hadi, during April. This provides for the Rehabilitation of Reform facilities in the governorates of the Republic.

Dr. Abdulqoddos Hermel, Executive Director of the FCDF, said in a press statement that psychiatric medications are distributed daily to 190 inmates - since the start of the rehabilitation of the clinic last April - after evaluating and diagnosing the condition of all patients under the supervision of Dr. Saif Al-Miri, Consultant Psychiatry.

He explained that the rehabilitation of the rehab in Sana'a is in its first phase, and it included general cleaning of the rehab and the sterilization of the rooms, as well as the distribution of clothes to the prison inmates. In addition to that, the clinic was provided with a solar system of 3,000 watts, a 300-liter solar heater, and the renovation of mattresses.

Harmmal pointed out that the water system has been maintained and some improvement and development have been done to it. The clinic is also equipped with cleaning tools and leisure activity tools.

He praised the efforts made by the Leadership of the Rehabilitation and Reform Authority of the Republic, represented by General Abdullah al-Hadi, and the head of the Rehabilitation and Reform Department of the Capital, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Makhthi, in facilitating the work of the Foundation to rehabilitate the rehabs in the Republic. He praised the role played by the leadership of the Rehabilitation and Reform Department in the capital for the rehabilitate and operate of the rehab of the facility in the capital in particular.