Family Counseling and Development Foundation Hosts a Training Workshop for Criminal Judges

The family counseling &development foundation hosted on Tuesday a training workshop on “psychiatry and its role in the promoting of criminal justice”, this is the second workshop, which will focus on developing the capacities of the criminal judges and deputy public prosecutors in ( Ibb,  albidah, thammar ) governorates.

The workshop is held by the training and qualification service of the attorney general’s office, in partnership with UNDP’s project to support the judicial and security service in Yemen.

The aim of the three- days’ workshop at the family counseling & development foundation headquarters in Sanaa was to provide the participants with the necessary information and skills on the relations between psychiatry judicial field, and psychotic disorders, criminal behavior, criminal responsibility, and mental illness.

Dr. Khaled al jammrah, the general director of public prosecution, said in an exclusive statement to the site of the FCDF that the prosecution, which had issues with the forensic psychiatry, organized a training workshop for criminal judges and prosecutors, Dr. al jammrah added that FCDF was selected as the pioneers in their field, and for their skilled professional staff, to develop the capacities of the judges,

Dr. aljammrah expressed his impression of FCDF’s unique services, and for playing a vital role in the field of psychotherapy at a time when our country needs it the most.

At the end he insured that in the coming period, the prosecution will work to expand its activities and coordinate more closely with FCDF in the field of criminal justice and psychiatry.

Dr. abdulqoddos harmmal the executive director, and on the behalf of FCDF and its staff welcomed hosting such workshops, and assured that the FCDF is national foundation that will continue serving the country.