An Awareness Lecture about Teenagers and How to Deal with Them- Aden

Teen Age is One of the Most Critical Stages in a Person's Life

FCDF Exclusive...

By Rania Al Hammadi


March 11, 2020

On Wednesday morning, the FCDF in Aden organized an awareness lecture entitled "Teenagers and How to Deal with Them"

The lecture included 65 female students of the three levels at the Al-Anwar Private Secondary School for Girls.

Firstly, the services of FCDF were introduced and the help-line (136) service was introduced as well as the distribution of brochures to them.

The psychotherapist at FCDF, Amal Alban, about how life begins to differ, especially in adolescence, when the teenagers' way of thinking and beliefs are different as a result of a number of biological, psychological and mental changes. And parents should take into account these differences for their children and try to understand them for optimal interaction with them by listening to them, and their teachers should understand them as well.

The Psychologist noted that the person at this stage should be sat with and discuss things with them calmly, especially the parents who must understand what is going on with their children's head and sympathize with them towards these things and avoid blaming them.

The Psychologist, Alban, concluded her lecture by mentioning the importance of effective speaking such as choosing the right words during talking to them to be free from ridicule and mockery as well as avoiding strong emotions such as anger while sitting and discussing things with teenagers because they urgently need to be contained, educated and be given advice. and parents should consider the importance of respecting their teenage children privacy and not to threaten them for mistakes they may make.