The threat of exposing the secret of her love affair with her neighbor

Name: S.T, age: 17, status: single in the second year of secondary school, residence: District of Sana’a.

"S" is the eldest daughter in the family that has also a little brother. After long waiting, she was born in vitro fertilization; that makes her pampered and all her wishes fulfilled and the financially secured situation of the family helped in that. "S" was happy, funny, energetic, smart and  clever in her study. Everyone loved her for being social and helping others. One day, she knew to their neighbour’s son and they started to talk; the thing that her mother, friends and class meets were firmly against as they are extremely conservative. On the other hand, her cousin helped and encouraged her to talk and communicate with the young man and "S" was giving her money and gifts in return. That was until the cousin asked "S" to give her a large sum of money that the she couldn’t provide; So the former threatened the later to tell her mother about her secret and that worsened the relation between them. As consequences,"S" was afraid of her mother knowing her secret and that fear turned to sever distress that made her unfocused and unable to do her homework. Her educational level was deteriorating and she was punished for that. Her psychological condition was deteriorating as well that she became less energetic, more distracted and isolated. She even ended up her relationship with the young man out of sever fear. Everyone noticed the change on "S" that the mother wondered what happened to her daughter and she had the answer from the cousin, who used to be the closest friend of "S". The cousin told the mother, “it doesn’t honour her to be her daughter’s friend because she has relationships with men"; the answer that shocked the mother and without asking for more details, she run to her daughter and beat her severely until the daughter fainted. When she wake up, she found her mother crying over her head and asking about the mistake they did when they were bringing her up so she did that and brought shame to herself and to the family. The daughter tried to explain in vain that it was causal relationship. The mother prevented "S" from her phone and took her to her grandmother’s house to be in better protection and away from men she knows. "S" stayed there for 6 month when her mother didn’t ask about her and her father didn’t know what was happening as he was told by the mother that "S" was resting at her grandmother. The grandmother noticed that her granddaughter is introverted, spends long time in praying and bathroom, and make strange long rituals. By the time, her condition was deteriorating more and more until the grandmother called the mother and told her about the escalating situation of "S" and that she has to find a solution. One day, by a friend advised the mother about a foundation providing family and psychological help services.

Hence, the mother called the foundation and took an appointment when she attended with her daughter. A therapist assessed "S" psychologically and diagnosed her for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder resulting from remorse and guilt, then she referred her to the foundation psychiatrist for psychiatric assessment and to decide her need for medicines besides psychological treatment programme. The therapist talked to the mother privately and found out that she suffers from anxiety resulting from her fear of the shame her daughter brought to them when she lost her virtue. However, the therapist explained to the mother that she has missing information and that her daughter’s relationship is only talks and messages. Then, she educated her about the proper way to deal with her daughter and stressed on the consequences of being extreme with her daughter, that she may lose her and on the importance of her support to her daughter in this treatment stage.

In another treatment session, "S" and her mother were held together and a treatment plan to help "S" was made. This plan highlighted the importance of improving daughter-mother relation and the daughter’s back home to live with her mother again, then treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, developing her skills of raising self-esteem and assertiveness and teaching her problem solving techniques.

The treatment plan took 12 sessions in which "S" relation with her mother has improved, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been greatly reduced by cognitive and Behavioural therapy techniques (such as confrontation and response control, and mitigating excessive responsibility). Her personal skills have been enhanced in order to avoid any future setback.

At the end of the treatment stage, the client said that; thanks to God and FCDF, she had learned a lot and her trauma had been turned to great experience that made her stronger and more mature. She swore to God that if she has a chance to complete her study, she would be specialized in psychology. Now, the case is on a phone follow up plan and her situation is better than ever.