Psychological and Psychiatric Clinics

The psychiatric clinics service which is one of the basic services in the organization that represents the main field of work. This service includes:

  • Psychotherapy service - both individual and group - by a team of experience and specialized therapists who provides this service within the integrated treatment programs.
  • Counseling services - individual and group- in proportion to the nature of the problems of the counselors in order to help individuals to solve problems that hinder their compatibility and development of the individual's behavior and personality.
  • Psychological testing service: includes objective tests and intelligence tests, with the aim of reaching a precise diagnosis of the situation and evaluate the degree of improvement of medication and psychological treatment. Supervising the conduct of psychological examinations specialist with skill and experience and a great ability in the application and diagnosis.
  • Training and qualifying: the foundation, through the psychological unit, hold a number of specialized courses and sessions in treatment and psychological counseling. This service benefits many junior mentors, psychology students as well.