referral in which the case is referred to hospitals or outpatient clinics with a complete summary of the situation, to facilitate the treatment in an optimal manner. Referral also involves other stakeholders such as police, social workers and human rights organizations, depending on the type of additional support needed by the situation.

The Foundation continues to provide these services for the fourth half (January-June 2016) to complement the project of prevention and treatment of gender-based violence, especially in light of the ongoing war that has ravaged the country and its negative effects on every Yemeni family. These services will continue for those who request them, especially since there are tens of thousands of people who have abandoned the outdated habits that prevent the person from seeking psychological counseling from specialists.

Anyone who is subjected to violence can benefit from these services by calling toll free number 136 or visiting the institution's clinics. The following is a list of types of gender-based violence:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Physical assault
  • Forced marriage and early marriage
  • Psychological / emotional abuse