Family Violence

Her Life Stabilized After Years of Domestic Violence

When she came to a clinic at the Family Development and Counseling Foundation, the inferno of the marital problems had almost taken her. Her appearance seemed actually much older than her actual age. She has been subjected to the violence of the husband who is neglecting his duties towards his wife and children, and goes to chew Qat with his friends at the expense of his family's living. He went late to work and returned to the friends immediately after work, but did not get home until after midnight or near dawn. When she asked him for the necessary expenses for his children, he screamed and insulted her and insulted her family, and beat her, too.

She did not imagine that he would one day hit her, she was the one who cared for him the most and even gave him money from her sewing machine. She suffered from a psychological shock that was quickly exacerbated by a feeling of frustration and loss of pleasure and hope in life, especially as the husband continued to beat her and treat her very harshly. As her psychological condition worsened, she became trapped in the house and neglected herself, and this was reflected in her children as well. She then decided to contact the hotline of the Family Counseling and Development Foundation and talked about her situation.

Person (B) received psychological support service through psychologists in the institution, first through telephone counseling, and then visit the clinic of the institution, where she was guided to the appropriate ways to enhance her self-confidence and knowledge of her rights and how to claim them. Not only did the Family Counseling Service work on this, it also communicated with a positive family member to encourage family support, and his immediate response was an example of a brave and fair Yemeni man. (B) When the husband was present after being summoned by the sheikh of the area, he was obliged to pay a monthly allowance to his family, and he vowed not to abuse her, whether by verbal or physical violence.

Currently, B lives with her children and husband in a more stable family environment. She has lessened the effects of the violence she has suffered and returned to sewing. She continues to communicate with the Family Counseling and Development Foundation to obtain the psychological and social counseling she needs.