Stopping a suicide attempt

Stop a girl from committing suicide and remove its causes

(O) An 18-year-old girl who tried to commit suicide twice because of domestic violence and emotional problems.

After contacting the Family Development and Counseling Foundation Hotline, it turned out that O was suffering from severe depression. Therefore, she was referred to the institution's psychiatric clinic. The clinical assessment of the situation showed that the psychosocial status of O had deteriorated eight months ago and had become isolated and all around to remain single.

The reason for this was her father's addiction to alcohol; as he drank, her mother was beaten and treated harshly, so she used to live in constant fear. She also lived in constant pain for her mother.

Later, a young man appeared in her life. She was her cousin who came from the village and stayed in their home to complete his university studies in Sana'a. The young man showed interest in his cousin; he stood by her side so much that he helped her even in housework. Two months later, she discovered that she was pregnant from her cousin. But when I told him in an attempt to find a solution to the problem, he denied responsibility for the pregnancy. She then decided to commit suicide, but failed.

To address the deteriorating psychological state of O and save her from suicide, the problem had to be addressed socially. Therefore, the counseling and psychosocial counseling team took several measures, foremost of which was to provide the psychologist with the necessary guidance and psychological treatment to restore her psychological balance. Then came the rest of the treatment procedures:

- Communicate with her cousin by the counseling team and tell him that the institution will sue him if he continues to deny responsibility for carrying (o) him.

- mediate with the S family and tell them the problem and tell the father that his addiction to alcohol and his constant assault on the mother was a cause of what happened. The therapists at the institution's clinics held several sessions with the father and mother to solve the problem of domestic violence. Which had a positive effect on the father's abstinence from the use of alcohol and stop the assault on his wife.

- Finally, she convinced the Young Guidance Foundation to marry S., which was done, and the two moved to his village to establish a new life there.