Hell of Early Marriage

Survivor of Hell Early Marriage and Marital Rape

(H) was only 16 when she was married according to social customs and traditions. Despite her young age, her husband was brutal with her and that was enough to get her into depression, bouts of mourning and grief throughout the days after the wedding. She was subjected to double violence by the family she married at an early age, and then by the husband who had been sexually assaulting her from the first day they met.

A few days later she went with her husband to her father's house, and when it was time to return to the marital home, she refused. And because of customs that do not give the right to women to choose their life partner, and considers the injustice of women from any injustice inflicted by a defect, her brother beat her and tried to return her to her husband by force.

She was severely beaten for weeks, during which she tried to commit suicide twice. They took her to a witch, and his diagnosis was ready for the situation that the girl was infected with a demon and a malicious eye. Thus, the inferno of domestic violence continued to burn the girl, who had not grown up in more than two years.

They tried to challenge and block the girl's natural growth laws to turn her into a mature wife by force. However, she resisted this, and did not accept to ignore her feelings and rights, prompting one of her brothers to sympathize with her against that deadly violence. This brother stood in front of his father and brothers, took his sister to his uncle's house, and then to the Family Counseling and Development Foundation.

When she and her brother came to the Foundation, she received psychological support and was referred for treatment at the institution's clinics, she gradually improving from the effects of the violence that she survived. She continues to communicate Foundation to follow up its psychological and social status until it regains its psychological and physical health.