Saving a couple relationship from collapse

A girl (Z) aged (24) years, living in the directorate of the province of Sana'a studying the fourth year of university married wife of a year and five months of her cousin, after a four-year engagement girl went to university and her friend notes her lack of discipline lectures and deterioration marked by the academic aspect and She was interested in herself, such as before marriage tried to get closer to her more and know why was unable to responsibilities of marriage heavy and unusual for them but the situation continued and worsened and missed the girl for a period on the university and went to visit her friend and noticed the effects of beating him clearly and the girl (Z) crying the first I saw it began List ups The girl (Z) contacted the service and her complaint at the beginning of her troubled relationship with her husband and he recently began beating her and prevent her from studying, although he was not objected to study and work before marriage, we as specialists in psychological treatment

The girl (Z) attended the institution on the second day and was greeted and sat down with her. It is good that her husband is convinced of attending the treatment. His wife agreed and attended with her and her mother. She sat with the girl and heard her complaint. She began crying bitterly. She did not like the husband, At the same time, she says that she does not blame him for his actions, because she is the reason for everything that happens to her by the husband. The treatment calmed her down and explained that everything has been solved and that we will help her as much as possible, so she died for four years and married for love. She agreed to live in his village for her love for him, and married a year ago The first time he tried to practice sexual relations, she was very afraid and began to cry, leaving her to pledge and to postpone the subject until she turned, but after that night everything that enters the night began to fear The idea of pain that will result from sexual intercourse is reviewed every What I heard about this subject, and everything that the husband tried to enter her resistance and in the end does not allow him, and after several days of marriage decided to enter the husband by force, but ended that attempt strongly resisted and did not allow him, this act by her push the husband to strike her The girl said that what happens to her may be because of one of his family worked for her charm, and the parents were waiting to bring him proof that they exercised the relationship, and that their daughter Bakr, as this is the demand of any A family of her daughter after marriage, this pushed the husband to injure his hand and work with the cloth, as evidence The husband began to walk the sorcerers to decipher the magic and readers of the Koran to solve the problem, but to no avail, this thing continued and the husband could not enter and practice with his wife like other people, the husband moved to live to the capital, to avoid The question of his family about not having children, but he began to fan He was beaten and then regretted and asked forgiveness, and because of this problem, which challenged the abilities of the couple, affected their marital life and affected her study because of the continuous thinking of this thing and anxiety and fear and excessive, and the hatred of the relationship and unwillingness to practice completely, and two weeks of contact with the line taken for a reader to remove the eye and magic, but reciter after The failure of all the long and many attempts that embarrassed him in front of the couple, prompting him to say that the eye and the survey has not left but some of the psychological symptoms resulting from the eye and touch and advises the husband in private the possibility of the wife does not love and may be related to another young man, The end of the study of the final or out of the house, and became their case with her and she refuses to become in the recent period occurs contractions in the muscles of the vagina, and ends every attempt to beat her severely and recognize who is the person you think and abstain for him, and the girl (Z) convince him that the words The reciter is incorrect but does not agree, and the solution I found was possible The mother asked her to come to the house, and when her mother sat alone with her, she burst out crying and began to tell her story that no one would understand. But as a result of the mother's ignorance and unawareness of what was happening she made her cry and cry in the face of her daughter. She did not tell her and why she and her husband lied to all of them and brought proof that they had ended the sexual relationship and began to question the honor of the girl and threaten her to face her inevitable fate by the family, especially the father and brothers. The girl tried to persuade the mother to hear her and hear the whole story from the husband, All this prompted the girl to contact her friend who is in And she ended her talk that she would resort to suicide and end the suffering, but the friend advised her not to go on such things especially as she is confident of herself and her husband is somewhat understanding and advised her to communicate with the hotline and present the problem to the specialists. The girl decided to contact immediately and she heard the whole story and sympathized with her. Theme The visit of the institution to begin the meetings of accurate assessment of the problem and the beginning of sexual and marital treatment in conjunction, offered them to attend the institution and they need psychological treatment convinced and attended the same day, the treatment gained the confidence of the girl and promised to help them and sit with her husband alone and hear from the subject, and was doing psychological tests for the couple, And teach the husband the right ways and stages of practice, and his request to stop violence, and teach the girl methods of relaxation, and raise the culture of sex and modify the misconceptions about the natural thing that happens, and this is a state of concern and how to deal with it, and sit with the mother and reassuring that the girl really Is still a virgin and that what is happening is a problem Nwagha usually and it will be resolved in the event that each of the spouses did what is required of him, and was assured that everything will be fine, and actually the other session came to us the girl (Z) and her husband was well, He was able to enter her. She was crying and thanking the Foundation for helping her, and she regretted that she did not come through