Suffering from Violence and Burning

The survivor M, is 19 years old, motherless, single and a high school student who lives with her father in one of the governorates of Ibb governorate. The survivor contacted through the psychological and social counseling hotline after learning about the service via radio. The survivor says that her father is beating her and locked her in her room whenever there was a problem or she failed in doing her daily chores in the house, he would also prevent her from eating and drinking. Only her gave her food without her father knowing. She became afraid of him and avoid talking with him and hated to the extent that she thought of killing him or poisoning and get rid of him or else she would commit a suicide. She was upset, confused in tears, completely collapsed, and hopelessly frustrated with her life.

The therapist supported her, sympathized with her and explained the psychological symptoms that resulted from her suffering; the most important was the idea of suicide. The therapist also discussed with her and encouraged her to calm the pent-up feelings and urged her to continue to communicate with us through the counseling line to ensure that she received psychological support and specialized scientific methods and methods to help her deal with the problems of her daily life.

She was also given social support and reassured by some Koranic verses that herald the patient and after dialogue with her, therapist was able to expand her understanding and discussed many solutions with her. She later agreed to ask for help from her aunt whom she trusted and considered as mother to stand in front of her father. She told her aunt the whole story and showed her the effects of burns and beating on her body and the severe effects of food deprivation.


The aunt then quickly established the facts and damages supported by a report of the forensic medicine and brought a lawsuit to the court. The Survivor was brought and her father who was found guilty of all the physical and psychological damages was ruled not to be eligible for her care. She was transferred to live with her aunt with her consent and her will, and her aunt took a good care of her. After she had settled in her aunt's house, she was referred to a psychiatric clinic for proper assessment and in order to provide appropriate psychological and pharmacological services that help her to get rid of her suffering. Psychiatric helped her improve her mental state and prepared for the psychological sessions. After a number of sessions, the patient improved significantly and the survivor contacts us via the hotline from time to time.

Dated: 30, January, 2012