Hope and Desire of Life is Back After the Death of her Whole Family


Name: N.E. Nationality: Yemeni. 20 years old, female, finished primary school, Hajja province, housewife

The girl was close to her family, especially her mother, and they were never separated, despite the harassment that was found from the father as well as her sisters because of the inappropriate behaviors of hers.

She was refusing to marry, because she did not want to leave her family. Then married a person who had built her house next to her family because of her strong attachment to them. The relationship between the husband and her was good. However, she spent most of her free time with her family. One day, while she was praying in her husband house, she suddenly heard the sound of warplanes and soon after sounds of explosion. She rushed out screaming when she went out she saw her family’s house bombed by several missiles.

 She was looking for her family and wishing that nobody was at home at that time. Unfortunately, she found her mother and eight brothers charred bodies. She lost control and became like crazy beating herself, crying, screaming, and saying that if she had known what would have happened, she would not have left the house and would have stayed with her mother and brothers. Her condition deteriorated as she refused to eat. Her father beat her so that she would eat or drink, that didn’t only failed but also made her say that her father was the reason for her mother and brother’s death and she merely wished to die. She tried to commit suicide several times, but they prevented her. She began to isolate herself and refused to talk to anyone. She started neglecting herself and her husband as well.  The husband contacted the hotline service to seek advice since they live in a remote area that they cannot reach the Foundation.

He was given the required information about the disease, as well as an explanation of the importance of the treatment for her condition and the danger without psychological intervention (psychological and psychiatric) and the fact that the husband lives in a province far from the capital and his financial conditions is very difficult, he has been directed to the nearest place where a psychiatrist,

She was presented to a psychiatrist in the same hospital and after evaluation it turned out that she suffered from psychological trauma resulting from the painful incident, and after a week the husband contacted us and said that the condition of his wife is getting better, especially after the improvement of sleep and the high tension that she was suffering from.

Two weeks later, she began to communicate with us via the hotline. Her complaint was heard and sympathy was given to her. In case she did the right thing, the treatment would be reduced over time. After raising her motivation for psychological treatment, three sessions were arranged over the telephone. The most important disturbing symptoms are temporary memories of the event. Some skills were raised, including self-esteem and better communication with her husband, and some sessions were arranged with the husband and wife at the same time. A couple of months later, the husband's relationship with his wife has improved by 60%. Most of the symptoms have subsided, the suicidal thoughts have disappeared and the daily behavior has improved. The husband and wife have become grateful to the foundation for the services that have been provided to her. We have a received a number of cases who want to solve their problems on the recommendation of the husband and his wife.