A Decade of Giving

By Dr. Bilqis Mohammed Jubari

Founder and President of FCDF

Today is the anniversary of the birth of this pioneering Foundation, it is wonderful and I am proud of everything in it, its goals and mission, its role and work, and its management, team and staff.

It was a brilliant idea as a single star illuminated in a dark sky. It did not know if it would be able to get its spark to light up anyone's trail.

Over the years, with our hard will, our tireless efforts and the efforts of all the members of this Foundation, this star has turned into a sun that lightens many dark paths and frees many from the darkness of the diseases and mental disorders they were imprisoned in.

We promise that we will continue and work hard to extend our sunlight and warmth to every individual and family that needs us wherever they are.

Today is the anniversary of putting the first brick in the way of providing these venerable services to a category that is in need of this type of service. We have succeeded in our journey to become a Yemeni Foundation that is respected and appreciated by all locally, regionally and internationally.

Yes, it was a rough, unpaved road; however, we continued walking on it.

With Allah's willing, we will continue this journey to serve our country and people with dedication and determination. We do not know what our next path will be like, but we pray to Allah to be a soft herb or at least paved road. Our message is noble and our work is good. We are with you, and with you we are strong.

And I wish everyone a healthy happy life.