FCDF Holds an Awareness Lecture for the Families of Special Needs People in Aden

Rania Alhammadi – Aden

Family Counseling and Development Foundation in coordination with Rumooz Association Developmental for the Deaf in Aden an awareness lecture on children's fear and its causes and treatment methods on Tuesday.

The lecture at raising awareness targeted about 22 families of people with special needs.

Psychotherapist Wafa Saad said that during their growing, children are exposed to serious of fears, which vary according to their age. She added that fear in children is a feeling of uneasiness, affecting the child as an understandable reaction to the child's exposure to a change or an effective event, indicating that it is normal for the child to feel fear or anxiety from time to time, such as the beginning of the child's entry into kindergarten or school, as well as moving to a new home.

The Psychotherapist also indicated that fear is two types: reality and is unrealistic. The first is coming from the child in a time of joy and anger and is considered one of the main emotions of the human being, while the unrealistic is the child's feeling of fear of certain events.

She explained that there are two categories of reasons for fear in children:

  1. Acquired reasons: through the raising way followed by the parents, which affects the confidence of children and the environment they provide to them and the repercussions of this environment on them.

2/ Innate causes: through the genetic composition of children and the nature of their growing, which affect their readiness.

Psychotherapist Wafa concluded the lecture with solutions to treat fear in children, by exposing the child to the situations they are afraid of gradually, not punishing children for their fear, and working to develop their skills in the face of fear with the practice of motivational activities with the frightened children. For example that parents and their children play with the things they are afraid of, the monster is in the form of a game, because children are more responsive when playing.