"Mental Disorder in Displaced Women" in an Awareness Lecture in Aden

Rania Alhammadi… FCDF Aden

On Tuesday, FCDF held a psychological awareness lecture on "Mental Disorder in Displaced Women".

The lecture aimed to raise awareness among 42 women in "Leila Khalil Camp" for displaced from AlHodeidah.

The psychologist Nema Manthouq said during the lecture that women living in displacement camps suffer from severe psychological pressures, and a lot of grief, sorrow and pain hide behind them, which leads to depression, anxiety and many diseases and mental disorders since most of them are subjected to many accusations and unfair criticism; in addition to the difficulties of not adapting to the new life and exposing them to many injuries, whether organic or psychological. Some are still seen as possession by devil and envy or evil-eye and treated on this basis according to some old tradition of the charlatans, and the lack of recognition of psychiatry, considering that those who become mentally ill are crazy and shameful on society.

Psychologist indicated that mental illness is an organic condition caused by a defect in chemicals in the brain, and its increase or decrease may lead to the emergence of mental illnesses and disorder in one or more of the basic human functions such as thinking, behavior or feelings that may last for a long time and may affect women's performance at work or at home and in the way they interact with others.

She clarified that the most common type of mental illness that may affect displaced women is depression, which is one of the most severe disorders in women. It is more likely to be contracted by men, due to organic factors and exposure to hormonal changes such as puberty, menopausal age and therefore suffer from depression, in addition to many mental disorders that may affect displaced women in displacement camps such as fear, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders, but depression remains at the top of the list of mental disorders.