Raising Awareness of IDPs from Al Hodeidah on PTSD

Raising Awareness of IDPs from Al Hodeidah on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Rania Alhammadi… Aden

Family Counseling and Development Foundation conducted a psychological awareness lecture on (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Associated Symptoms)

The lecture, which was held at the police camp in Dar Saad district, targeted more than 30 men and women, displaced from Hodeidah.

The psychotherapist Wafa Saad said that PTSD is one of the most serious mental illnesses experienced by humans, and the hallmark of PTSD is the appearance of certain symptoms after exposure to very traumatic stress, interspersed with direct personal experience, an event involving death, threat of death, serious harm, or any other threat to human physical health.

She noted that one of the symptoms may include frequent re-experience of a traumatic event, permanent avoidance of stimuli associated with previous trauma and caution, sag in the patient's overall response, and constant symptoms of increased mental arousal.

Noting that people with PTSD may experience a painful sense of guilt associated with a traumatic event, an isolationist behavior characterized by avoiding activities that may be similar or symbolizing the original trauma, which may interfere with the patient's personal relationships, and may lead to marital differences, sometimes divorce, job loss, and drug or alcohol addiction.