Marital Problems and Their Psychological Impact on Children in a Raising Awareness Session in Sana'a


Family Counseling and Development Foundation held a raising awareness session on "Marital Problems and Their Psychological Impact on Children" today in Sana'a.

The session, which was held at the Foundation's headquarters in Sana'a, targeted more than 30 beneficiaries of parents, spouses and children.

Abdullah Al-Ba'dani, a psychologist at FCDF, said that the awareness session aimed to inform parents and spouses of the psychological effects children face as a result of marital problems.

He added that marital problems and methods of dealing with them, as well as psychological aspects affecting children, were introduced in this session.

Al-Ba'dani pointed out that children's psychological vulnerability due to marital problems may affect them by involuntary urination (bed-wetting), stubbornness, reduction of self-esteem, avoidance of leaving the home, and low self-assertiveness, in addition to poor self-confidence and trusting others.

He also explained the appropriate guidelines, tips, ways and methods to avoid marital disputes and problems and how to deal with them.