THE SKILLS OF CHOOSING LIFE PARTNER - In A Raising Awareness Session for Community College Students


On Tuesday, Family Counseling and Development Foundation conducted a psychological raising awareness session on "The Skills of Choosing Life Partner", in coordination with Al-Ola Humanitarian Forum.

The session aimed to raise awareness of 45 female students in the Community College - Accounting Department - in Aden.

The session included the definition and types of skills, skills and basics of choosing a life partner, and the application of social measures that serve the themes of the session, most importantly of which is measuring awareness of premarital examination.

Dr. Mohammed Aqlan, a university professor and psychologist at FCDF, said that marriage is a complex relationship that is "physical, cognitive, emotional, social" and has legal, community, religious, cultural and psychological foundations.

He added that choosing the right husband is important in a woman's life and needs a lot of thinking and care, balancing passing feelings, or the desire to live a happy and long family life with that person.

Noting that there are criteria for choosing the right husband and wife according to the good qualities to establish a healthy relationship and a happy marriage together.

Dr. Aqlan also said it is difficult to choose a partner, as most girls do not know the basis for choosing a good husband.

"When a girl mischooses a husband, it will cause problems and possibly lead to divorce, and cause the children to be separated which leads to a societal problem. So, every girl must choose the right life partner for her considering his manners, religion, education, financial status and way of thinking," he said.