UNFPA Resident Representative Deputy "FCDF is providing one of the best humanitarian work"


Mr. Garik Hayapetyan, Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Yemen, visited Family Counseling and Development Foundation in Sana'a today. 

During the visit, The Founder and Foundation's President, Dr. Bilqis Mohammed Jubari, briefed Mr. Garik on the integrated mental health and psychological services provided by FCDF.

The deputy representative of UNFPA said that FCDF brings hope and happiness to people giving them believe and makes them find themselves back and live a decent life. That is the best of humanity.

Mr. Garik thanked Dr. Bilqis Jubari, the founder and president of the Foundation, by saying, "You are really doing a great job, and thank you for your commitment, dedication and all the energy you are exerting and making this your goal in life, thank you for all that."

He said they would continue to work together with the FCDF to reach greater levels.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Garik expressed his great admiration for the services provided by FCDF, hoping that this Foundation will continue and expand in the provision of such humanitarian services.